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  • Non stock Components in Digikey


    I watched Robert's "Altium Essentials SPMS Design Course" and one point interested me.

    The Intersil ISL6236 PMIC is 0 avaliable, but he used it in his design. Why?

    In this case, there will be a spesific lead times from 4 weeks to 12 weeks. So if I want to produce my design, or a customer want to buy my design, there will be a huge delay.

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    It keeps changing ... sometimes it is not available, sometimes you can buy it from mouser, sometimes from digikey ... at this moment Avnet has some:


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      Thank you Robert, I understood the issue.


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        For those starting the old Altium Essentials course like me : It seems like among all suppliers only Star River Electronics accepts small orders of this component now.
        EDIT : star river electronics does not supply small quantities. The only way to buy an ISL6236 chip seems to be Aliexpress at the moment.
        By the way if someone doing the newer couse see this post does the newer course use another chip or the same one ?
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          The Learn Altium Essentials Second Edition is based on the same chip.

          PS: You may be able to get samples directly from renessas: