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Preparing board for mechanical design

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  • Preparing board for mechanical design


    i'm using altium 15.0,i had create some room in different region of the board,then i crete height rules related to those room (see attachement),the room is in the bottom side and the component is in top side but altium always indicate error,can someone correct

    Kind regards
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    Hi hajri_abderaouf, I do not use rooms very often, so I don't really know why this is happening. But this is a very useful question, I could use it in future. I hope someone will answer it.


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      Hi robert,
      thanks for your reply,did you propose another technique?


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        We normally use 3D models a lot. Usually if the height is limited, it's because there is something else. When we include 3D models, Altium will see the collision. For example, if we use stand off PCIE mini card socket, we include 3D model of the PCIE mini card, so we can see how much space we have under it.


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          Great,but with a board with many mechanical constraint and different height it will better to check it by altium,i think


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            hajri_abderaouf, I agree.

            Maybe, what you could try, have a look at Altium templates e.g. PC104 template. Maybe they included the height restriction there. In this example you can see how to find PCI Express card template, try PC104 template:

            But, that is just an idea.