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picosecond to Mil conversion.

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    Yes indeed. In the end it was just a rule setting. First bank is now in si check so will post hopefully some good news next week!


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      finaly update on this thread. all was very well no errors.. a first time right design.

      to conclude you do not need to make it more complicated then it is.
      just calaculate the de the picoseconds to mills (depending on your material) and implement the lenghts.
      Xsignals will take care of the rest!

      just finishing up on the other 4 banks so the final SI / Timing analasys will be done after that!

      just one more thing.. if you are using Xsignals. i find it easier to create xsignals my self instead of the wizard, it seems not to implement it all that well and it saves a lot of headaches to find the corerct way of naming it.. if you do it yourself you will have full control.


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        Thank you very much Paul for updates