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    I would create test pad for each node on my pcb,i had follow the following step:
    1-I had set the design rules
    2-Tools>Testpoint manager>Fabrication testpoint (see attachements)
    Bare-Board Fabrication are always incomplete
    Is the test point presented in the pcb are generated by altium or by the user ?
    Kind regards,
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    Hi hajri_abderaouf. I do not use Altium testpoints. I do not remember exactly why, but I know I tried it, but it wasn't what I was expecting.

    In our schematic, we use a special testpoint component. It's a simple 1 pin schematic symbol, with simple 1 pad footprint.
    Click image for larger version

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      I do the same as Robert. Just create a schematic symbol with 1 passive pin. It is good to set the component type to No BOM, so it will not appear in the BOM if you generate such. For the footprint I use a simple 1 mm round pad (make sure the designator of the pad is the same as with the schematic symbol pin designator).


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        I do the same in some net,but i want to create a test point in every node,so with a complex schematic i will be very hard to ensure that i have not foget anyone,so i'm for a technique that generate all of those.
        Many thanks,


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          Ah, I have never put testpoints an all the nets, so I can not really help with this Maybe try to check with you Altium support. They may be able to help you.


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            Great,i'm asked to do a TP to every node,because the product must be tested in every node (flying probe),with altium i can check wich node that don't have a test point,just the follow many step,set it in design and after go to tools>testpoint manager,i find that it can be useful if i go back to schematic and adding a TP and after that updating pcb,it was a great solution because i can annotate every one,but they told me you don't have to modify any thing in schematic
            So,if i will add manualy TP on PCB by adding new footprint component it comes with name (designator 1),the manufacture ask me to send them a file wich is a list of all tp named successively
            Net Name Xcoord Y coord
            3V AA1
            5V AA2
            R32_2 AA3
            good day freind,i will go back to post the solution when i find it because it's very interesting