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  • Any Mobile Phone Impedance

    Hi Robert,

    I recently designing PCB connected to mobile phone jack for recording audio. yes, Impedance matching is at circuit side, but I want to know there is something I need to consider at layout side ?

    I am using 2 layers PCB and stack-up follow manufacturer standard.

    Thank you,

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    I am not an analogue expert, but if you are using 2 layer stack-up follow manufacturer PCB it may not be easy to match impedance. Also, if I would be designing this kind of circuit and if it's very small, I would not be maybe worried too much about PCB impedance. What I would be probably thinking about is if the phone antenna will not influence the circuit.


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      hmmm I am not consider about antenna.. thank you Robert...

      I have problem, my circuit only works well at some brand , example Samsung., but not at Lenovo, recording sound has static noise..