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Signal Integrity & Power Integrity in Altium PCB Layout

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  • Signal Integrity & Power Integrity in Altium PCB Layout

    Who to acheive Signal Integrity & Power Intergrity in Altium PCB Layout. can anybody explain.

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    well that is a pretty open question there!

    to start ( and i am assuming you have the schematics done)

    1) Are you planning to make a high speed PCB (> 1Ghz or not ) / analog or digital?
    2) think it will start with chosing the correct layer stack and material for you project.
    3) you will need to see what impedances you will need for your design. and calculate the trace width etc.
    4) make a plan on how you want the pcb to look, set fixed loactions for you main components and connectors.
    5) keep solid planes underneath the traces that are high speed and impedance matched.

    6) take the Fedevel academy course and you set !

    good luck!