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Via's not connecting to power planes

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  • Via's not connecting to power planes


    I am trying to connect GND vias to the power planes on a 6 layer PCB. I am making layer 2 and layer 5 as my power planes. But when I assign the net name to the layer using split planes or polygon pour I don't see the via being connected. Please tell me what should I do.

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    Is this question related to this one:


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      I don't know what Altium version you use, but this how it should work:

      Once you assign a net name to power plane, it should automatically connect the power planes to vias and pads with the same netname.

      Why do you assume they are not connected?


      • Haiderabidi444
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        because am get unrouted nets error after running the DRC.

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      robertferanec the "problem" is when you double click on the layer name, it too will ask about the net connection. However, the short bit i worked with planes for these questions, did not seem to connect the plane to a net. The way you do in the video does work.